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hooty hoo

dooty doo

persephone -

oh to be a little fox, snuggled up in my winter den

crownedwithwisteria -

anyway it seems that several years and getting into plants has done absolutely nothing to diminish my love for Briar and Rosethorn, but has, in fact, cemented their places as Favorites even more firmly than before

peachy-queer -



triss was best girl bc she was fat, snarky, and wore glasses just like me; I had a crush on daja but didn't know it, and briar and rosethorn were probably my favorite dynamic in the emelan books for Reasons

voidarcana -

Hi hello are we talking about the Emelan books because they are my favourites and Tris is the best ever.

Plus the whole deal between Lark and Rosethorn is gorgeous.

crownedwithwisteria -

:DDDDD !!!!!

honestly if Rosethorn, Briar, and Evvy didn't exist Tris would easily be my favorite Emelan kid because of her personality, books, and the way she stores magic in her hair is still the coolest thing ever. as it is I still adore her and I'm so looking forward to when we get the book about her going to Lightsbridge!! (assuming that's still coming sometime in the future!!)

botanist-squid -

Y'all are the first people I have seen actually talking about this series!!!!<3

crownedwithwisteria -

you know one of these days I'm going to actually remember sunscreen exists before I go outside in the summer, not after I come back in from making ill-advised midday garden runs.

timeskip -

Did anyone else play with Littlest Pet Shops as a kid? Did anyone else watch the videos people made with them? I just remembered them and I still love those cute toys. Even if it's mostly nostalgia now.

angelicaphelion -

YEAHH!! I used to play so much with them, i had the fitness center playset

and i had so many of the animals gdjgdsg

i never watched the videos though!!

and i'm planning on repainting 2 figurines as soon as i get the supplies to do so uwu

something i did for mermay that i thought i might as well post here :)

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Reblog this post so we can try to find all the blogs on here and follow each other!

Can people reblog this so i can find active users

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I’m going to state this now cause I know sometimes it pokes my anxiety and I don’t want it poking anyone else’s -

if you see me liking a bunch of posts, specifically art posts? It’s because I’m on mobile and want to give you the thumbs up of “I love this!” without getting thrown to the top of the splashboard. This means generally I’m planning to reblog it later. If I don’t I greatly apologize, but with the site being so new there’s things that aren’t the best just yet. In time :)

besides. I love this site already. I keep forgetting to check my hellsite app.

crownedwithwisteria -

on a brighter note, I got my hands on three gorgeous heirloom climbing roses and I love them?? AND some baby lilac suckers so I'm currently hunting down every scrap of information I can find on growing these babies. want them to grow big and strong!!

star-rice -

I would kill for pictures of the babes!

fungus -

when i grow up and live on a farm i want an heirloom rose to consume my house

star-rice -

Goals, honestly.

My friends are having a baby soon so I (with some sewing help from my mom) made them this baby carrier! (plus Honey photobomb)

botanist-squid -

It's so cute!! 🐸🐸🐸

paint -

the gay is stored in the you

goat-ish asked:

ok but let's make the important questions here, which pokemon do you think would be your partner?? (the word is partner? I don't even know)

emydoidea -

Easy question, it has always been Skitty!!!

My second choice would be Turtwig ☺️

botanist-squid -

[[IMAGE:[[28308Always Togekiss <3

prickly pear cactus, barcelona

Some pictures of cute little fungi that I took in the forest around my camp.

*taken on 02-08-18

Some pictures of cute little fungi that I took in the forest around my camp.

*taken on 02-08-18

savethelesbians -

I'm here to be gay and talk about frogs and I don't have anything to say about frogs right now

sparky -

frogs are so Good and i am impatiently awaiting more frog people to come here

c'mon guys

the website has water in the name!

nightinga1e -

Fortunately i am the biggest frog lesbian :^)

dyedviolet -

[[IMAGE:[[26294Did somebody say frogs?

savethelesbians -

Stunning,, fantastic,,, absolutely beautiful,

crownedwithwisteria -

seed packet instructions- "-then drop seeds in boiling water for 10 seconds-"

me- "I'm sorry what"

botanist-squid -

May I ask what kind of plant this is gunna grow?? 😂